First impressions

First dates really do matter, and I put a lot of energy into my first dates when I get a new gent at London escorts. I am sure that a lot of gents think that we are an auto pilot all of the time, but nothing could be further from the truth. All of the girls that I know at this fantastic escorts website really do put a massive amount of effort into first dates. You never know what the gent is looking for. So you take things that one step further.

Most dates with London escorts are kind of sexy anyway, but I do think that the first date, should be especially sexy. When I meet a new gent at London escorts, I try to find out as much as possible about him. That is not always easy, but with a little bit of finesse you can do it. Of course, some gents that I meet when working for London escorts do not want to talk at al. That can be a lot harder, but eventually you can get them to open up. It helps if you want to give a gent a rally good first date.

I also try to dress nicely on my first date. If it is a London escorts business function, I always make an extra effort with make up and stuff like that. I think that some girls don’t think that business function dates with London escorts are different but they certainly are different. Dressing nicely is one of the most important criteria when it comes to a business date, and I make sure that I am dressed appropriately. Sometimes, I even make some notes of the gents at the date as I know that I am likely to meet them again some other time.

I believe smelling good is vital when it comes to a good first date. A gent may not remember what you looked like in every detail, but he will certainly remember the way you smelt. I love perfumes and I keep a couple of special perfumes at London escorts. They are for use at London escorts only, and I know that they have a certain effect on my gents at the agency. Yes, they do smell good, and at the same time they kind of linger.

There are so many ways in which you can make a first date special and perfect. Above all, I think that you should give your gent a big smile. I have always said that the sexiest thing that you can do, is to smile at your gents. Smiling will make you feel good and I am pretty sure that the gent you have just met will feel good, and smile back at you. It is then you know that you have made a good impression on your first date. A smile can make you feel on top of the world and you will carry a good smile with you for the rest of the day.


A Man’S Guide To The Elusive G-Spot

When it comes to sex, some men only want to stick it in, ejaculate, and than go immediately to sleep. Others actually care about pleasing their women during sex. If you are in the latter category but are having trouble actually locating your sexual partner’s G-Spot, do not fear. Without the proper knowledge, finding it is like looking for a needle in a haystack. Even with GPS and a map it is still a difficult task. That being said the G-Spot has been a hot button topic since a German gynecologist named Grafenberg first acknowledged it back in the 1940’s. Many scientists do not believe that it exists. In fact a recent study concluded that only fifty-six percent of women think they actually have a G-Spot.

Although there may not be solid anatomical proof that the G-Spot exists, the medical community does agree on one thing. The good news is that the majority of women do have a specific area within their vagina that can lead to orgasm when sexually stimulated. For the sake of sexual happiness around the world we shall further refer to this area as the G-Spot. Chances are that if you know exactly how to go about searching for it, your sexual partner will at least enjoy the treasure hunt so to speak. The first thing to keep in mind is that the G-Spot is typically tucked away approximately two inches inside of the vagina, more specifically located on the top side of the wall of the vagina. The best way to reach it is with your fingers.

That being said the G-Spot area should be aroused prior to touching it. This can easily be achieved by performing whatever type of foreplay you both enjoy. Once she is aroused, have your girl lie down on her back, and insert a finger into her vagina with your palm facing the ceiling. Curl your finger as if you are instructing someone to walk over to you. Work your finger in softly, and slowly, a little bit at a time. Be gentle, and avoid thrusting in a hard manner. Your next move is to use that same bending motion to gently rub the top of her vagina with the pad of your finger. At this point you should be feeling a textured bean shaped bump. Use your free hand to softly press on your sexual partner’s stomach just above her pubic hair. A little bit of pressure on the outside will absolutely stimulate her G-Spot even more, making you look like the sexual hero that you are. Perhaps the best part is that practice makes perfect, so remind her of that on a daily basis.

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